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Student View of Gradebook

  1. Begin by entering the Gradebook for your course under Assessment on the left navigation.
  2. The instructor must have released grades in order for you to view them in the Gradebook. Therefore, your Overall Grade will be calculated based on the grades that have been finalized and released.
  3. Your overall grade will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen. You will see the overall percentage and letter grade you have received. Next to this you will also see the number of points your have earned and the total number of points available.
  4. Grades that have been graded and released will be listed along with the letter grade, points, and grade percentage you have earned for the assignment.
  5. The titles of the assignments will appear as links that you can click to access your Journal and Assignment submissions, to enter a Chat or Discussion, or view your Exams and review if available.
  6. The instructor has the ability to leave a comment while grading. If the instructor has left a Grade Feedback comment for you on an assignment you will see a blue icon containing a thought bubble. Clicking this icon will show you the comment.
  7. If the assignments for the course are grouped then the groups and your letter grade, points, and percentage for each group will be displayed at the top of the screen.
    • Below that you will see a breakdown of each group containing each assignment within that group.
    • Some assignments may be graded using a rubric. These assignments will be labeled as such and a gray button will be available. Click this button to view your grades for each section of the rubric. Click on the assignment title itself to view your submission and access the entire rubric.
  8. Below your overall grade there is a gray button you can click to display Gradebook Settings. This includes the Grading Scale, optional Additional Grade Options, and assignment due dates, extra credit information, and grading weights if applicable.