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SOLE Storage, Backup & Archive Policy


The file manager for each course/ site is limited to 25 GB under normal circumstances. Users whose data exceeds this limit will be reviewed and subject to removal after contact and consultation from SOLE Support Staff. ITS will provide a copy of inactive data to an external drive provided by the customer.


Administrators should back up their courses based on major changes in content to content or heavy student activity. To backup your course, go to the Control Panel, select the Archive Tab and choose the Backup Course Download. You can select the degree to which you would like to backup your course and save the backup locally. We recommend that you replace the oldest backup.


Administrators should archive their course at the end of each semester. This archive download can be stored locally for your access.

If you do not make regular backups or archives, retrieving the information is difficult. Depending on the information lost retrieval can be lengthy and is not guaranteed. Backups and archiving is always recommended.