Course Access

Course Availability

  • A SOLE course or site can be requested by completing the SOLE Site request form.
  • Connecting the course CRN to the course configuration will apply a Term to your course. Otherwise, courses can be set to exist for up to 2 years forward if term dates do not apply.
  • Instructors should expect to see all courses they are administrators for as long as they remain active in the course. After 1 year of inactivity the course is “disabled” and no longer available to the instructor. After 2 total years of inactivity the course is marked for deletion.
  • Courses that are not accessed at least once per year will be made inactive. If you feel a course has been marked inactive and you need it re-enabled please contact

Adding an Instructor

Once a course is created, an administrator can add additional instructors/administrators to the course at the desired access level. A SOLE account must exist in order to be added. It is recommended that administrative access is limited to instructor use only. All other users should fall into an existing role or custom role.

Custom Roles

Administrators can create custom roles to provide granular access to any module in SOLE. If you need assistance in creating a custom role please contact

Adding Students/Users

SOLE receives an import from STAR daily. It is recommended that you connect your course with your STAR CRN in lieu of manually adding users. Instructors can then populate users for the following term at their discretion. There is also an auto-add feature once the CRN has been connected.

Adding Guest/Additional Users

SOLE allows guest level and additional user access. These available roles allow limited or view only access to a course.