Plagiarism Tools

There are two plagiarism avoidance tools available to utilize within SOLE courses and sites. The HSC Instructional Design team is available to aid in incorporating one of these tools into your course design. 

Please contact SOLE Support to request more information or to have one of these tools added to your course or site.

Option 1 - Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial

The WVU Libraries’ Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support created a tutorial that includes 5 modules which focus on teaching students how to include information in their writing without plagiarizing; course instructors can focus on their preferred citations method and formats. The estimated time required to complete the tutorial is between 45 – 60 minutes.

Option 2 - Avoiding Plagiarism Module

This learning module includes 8 units of content related to the prevention of plagiarism focusing on the mechanics of citation methods and a 10-item quiz on each unit. Brian Ayotte and Katherine Karraker in the Department of Psychology, with the support of a course development grant from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, originally developed this learning module. The current version of the learning module was fully revised in fall 2013 by Mikaela Sullivan and Katherine Karraker in the Office of Graduate Education and Life. The estimated time required to complete the module is between 1-2 hours.