News Application

The News application is used to post News articles to Health Sciences Center websites. The News application is integrated into SOLE and you must be given access to the module before you will be able to review and post news items. Please contact ITS SOLE Support at to gain access to the application.

News Environment and Navigation

  1. Add New Story – click to create a new News story.
  3. Generate Feed URL – generates a feed URL that can be used on a public website.
  5. Manage Email – enables you to create an email template that can be used to generate an email based on the news items posted to a particular news category.
  7. Primary Category Request Notifications Disabled/Enabled – by enabling these notifications you can receive emails each time there is a request to post a story to one of the primaries you have access to.

You will have access to one or more News pages. The page/s you have been given access to will be listed as Tile/s on the page. You will need to click on a tile in order to view the stories for that page. If you have access to more than one news page and have clicked a Tile to view its stories then you can use the drop down at the top left to select another news page.

Tiles also indicate the Primary Categories for News items. Primary Categories refer to the main News pages for certain websites such as the School of Medicine News page or HSC. Secondary Categories refer to news pages located within those main News pages. For example, the Department of Surgery has a news page that is listed as a secondary page for the School of Medicine.

You may be given Top Level Access to a Primary Category (and therefore access to all of its secondaries) or given access to secondaries individually. You can request that your news item be posted to a primary category that you do not have access to but it will need to be approved before it will be posted. You do not have the option of requesting that it be posted to a secondary category.

Once you have chosen a tile you will see a page that includes the news stories posted to that page. “Search Options" are listed above the stories and allow you to search through the news articles posted for the page. You can search by Keyword, Secondary-level category, or Top-Level Status. Click the green “Search” button once you have entered your chosen search options. News items are organized in a list with column headings that list the Approved Secondaries, Headline, News Date, Availability, Active status, and Top-level status for each news item.

Edit, View in New Window, Delete Items IconUse the icons on the left to edit, view the news story in a new window, and/or delete a news item. You can only delete a news story that you have created.

  1. Secondaries – This is where the secondary level categories for each news item are listed. This column is not sortable. It will be blank if the news item is not posted to any secondaries.
  3. Headline – A sortable column containing a truncated version of the headline for each news item listed on the page. This column is sortable so that news items can be viewed in alphabetical order.
  5. News Date – Each article must be given a News Date. By default the news items are sorted by this date unless a user chooses to sort by one of the other headers for the page.
  7. Availability – Setting the availability of news items is optional and can be defined using Access Settings. If the availability of the article (Publish from date and Publish to date) is set then those dates will be listed under Availability. This column is not sortable.
  9. Active – Active articles are those that are currently posted on the News site. They are highlighted in green and will have a green check mark listed under the Active heading. Those articles that are set to post in the future or that have since expired and are therefore not currently posted on the News site will be highlighted in red and have a red letter X listed under the Active heading.
  11. Top-level status – This column displays the approval status for the primary category of the news item. News items can only be posted to the Primary Category by those who have been given access to the category. However, others may request that their news item be posted to another primary category. Admins can then approve or deny that request. Therefore, those news items that have been denied will be listed here as well. This column is sortable.
    • Keep in mind, news items that are approved to be posted to an additional primary category can be edited by the administrators of that primary category as well.
    • The green “Update Status” button can be used to edit the news item and to approve or deny a primary request.
    • For example, you may be responsible for posting news items for the HSC Intranet. Another user posts their own news item and requests that it also be posted on the Intranet. You would then see that there is a “Pending” article listed under the Top-level status column. You could approve or deny the news item for the Intranet by clicking the green “Update Status” button. Use the green and red buttons at the bottom of the articles to approve or deny. You can also approve the article as a Featured article from here as well.

Creating a News Story

Begin clicking “Add New Story” on the top left of the screen. You can also add a new story from within the primary category view.

  1. Headline and Body are mandatory fields. You must also choose at least one Primary or Secondary Category.
  3. The Subheading is an option field that can be added. This will display below the Headline of the News item on the item’s page. It does not display on the News feed page.
  5. Approvable Primary Categories refers to those news pages you have been given access to and therefore they will be immediately approved and posted on selection. You will only be able to select from the categories you have access to.
  7. Requestable Primary Categories refers to news pages you do not have access to and will therefore be “pending” upon selection. You can request that your news item be posted to one of these categories and the admin of that page can then approve or deny your request.
  9. If the news site is utilizing Featured articles then you can click on the Primary or Secondary category that you have selected and it will be labeled as “!Featured”. This will place it on the Featured list for the news page.
  11. You will need to add the image to the story Body in order for it to display in the story article.
  13. The Summary is where you can enter a short summary of the story to be displayed below the story Headline on the News feed page. The headline on the News feed page serves as a link to the full news story.
  15. The News Date is the date that the News item is posted. This date displays below the headline of the News item on the News feed page.
  17. Event Settings allows you to enter the actual date that the News event will occur for use on the calendar. Click the text box and select the date from the calendar that appears. You can leave it set be “All Day” or uncheck the box and enter a time frame. This date displays below the body of the News item in its page.
  19. Image Settings allows you to upload story images to be used for thumbnails and emails. This image is also posted on the homepage where Featured articles are posted but does not post in article itself. There are three sizes: Small (for thumbnails and emails), Medium (for website feature stories), and Large (for large website feature images). The image ratio will always be a 16X9 ratio.
    • Once an image has been uploaded, you can use the icons on the left to either delete, download, or crop the image: Delete, Download, Crop Image Icon
    • To crop an uploaded image, begin by clicking the crop icon. Use the blue outline to crop the image; you will see a preview the finished version on the right. Below the images you can also choose what size/s (see the notes above) to create as well.
  21. Access Settings give you the option to create the news story but refrain from showing it in the News feed. You can also define the Publish From and Publish To dates.
  23. Additional Settings allow you to enter press release information for your News story.
  25. Metadata displays information about the News item such as who it was created by, the creation date and the person who last edited it and when.
  27. Once you have entered all settings for your News story click the green Submit button. Click the red Cancel button to cancel the creation of your News story.