Techsmith Relay

TechSmith Relay (formally Camtasia Relay) is a lecture capture tool utilized at WVU Health Sciences Center that can be used with PowerPoint to easily deliver a fully narrated and animated PowerPoint presentation. It is designed so instructors and presenters can easily record live lectures, learning objects, or presentations and publish them automatically to their SOLE course so that the videos are available in the highest-quality formats for a broad audience in a short time frame.

In order to use TechSmith Relay a Profile must be created for the course/site first. Profiles are course/site specific and are not created individually for users; multiple users can use the same course/site profile. There is also the option to upload a recording as a Guest. Each time a recording is submitted two things happen; it is uploaded to the server and then it is processed to the course/site. Logging into a profile means that both of these steps occur automatically but using the Guest option means that the recording will need to be manually processed to the correct course/site. Please contact SOLE Support if you have uploaded a recording using the Guest option or if you have questions regarding a recording. 

Click here to request a new TechSmith Relay profile for your course/site.



If you need assistance with Techsmith Relay or recording your lecture, please contact SOLE Support at 304.293.2491 Opt 1 or send an email to or submit a ticket.

Request SOLE Support

File Preparation

  1. Prepare your PowerPoint file and compress all of your images for maximum results.
  2. Assign each slide a title. Each slide's title is used to create the navigation system in your final TechSmith Relay recording file.

Scheduling a Lecture Room

Specific high tech lecture rooms must be utilized to record your lecture in TechSmith Relay. Please click here to schedule a room for your lecture.

Downloading the TechSmith Relay Software to your Office Computer or Laptop

The software can be downloaded here:

Log in using the same username/password as the course/site. Once logged in click the “Download” button and then choose the software appropriate for the computer or laptop. It will walk you through the download process from there. Also, you will need a microphone connected to your computer in order to record sound. TechSmith Relay Support Documents

Additional Resources

  1. Recording Your Lecture – Instructions on using the TechSmith Relay software to record.
  2. Linking Using a New Multiformat – Instructions on creating a new Multiformat folder and linking the recording at the same time.  
  3. Linking Recordings to an Existing Multiformat – Instructions on how to link a recording (the MP3 and MP4 files) to an existing Multiformat folder by using “Mark as Processed.”
  4. Autolinker – Instructions on setting up the Relay Autolinker within your course by utilizing the Calendar Settings within Multiformat folders.
  5. Downloading the MP4 – Instructions on how to locate and download the MP4 file of the recording from within SOLE.