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Best Practices

End of Semester Course Maintenance

It is a best practice to archive your course at the end of each semester once your grades have been submitted. Archiving your SOLE course will provide you with a stand-alone, easy to access snapshot of your course. You can then reuse your existing course for the subsequent semester or request a new course to use. For information on archiving your course please visit the Archive Help pages or contact solesupport@hsc.wvu.edu for assistance.

Configuration Updates

If you are teaching a course it is always best to connect it your designated CRN(s). SOLE will allow you to populate your registered course users either manually or automatically once the CRN has been set. It is also recommended that you always review your course's title, primary contact and other configuration settings associated with your course. If you have any questions regarding configuration settings SOLE Support at solesupport@hsc.wvu.edu is happy to assist you.

Course Content Organization

Effective course content organization can help you and your students in many ways. Being mindful of course structure, content availability, engagement and alignment to course objectives will greatly impact your students' outcomes. SOLE Support includes instructional design resources to assist you in evaluating and creating engaging course material. Please contact solesupport@hsc.wvu.edu to schedule a meeting with one of our on-site Instructional Designers.

Tool Use

SOLE offers a wide variety of communication, content, and assessment tools. It is a best practice to turn off tools that are not being utilized in the course in order to reduce clutter and assist in course organization.