SOLE Spotlight | SOLE Custom Roles | August 2019

Published Friday, August 23, 2019

Did you know Site Administrators within SOLE have the flexibility to assign specific permissions to users by creating additional roles? The Custom Roles tool can be used to create roles based on one of four template roles or entirely from selected permissions.

Creating Customs Roles

Enter the course's Control Panel, select the Custom Roles, then click the green circle button, "Add Users" icon, within the SOLE course. You must identify "Role Name" along with "Role Description". Use the "Is Default?" drop down menu to make this new role the default role. If you make it the default, any time users are added they will automatically be added to this role unless another role is selected. Once you have created custom roles, they will appear in the Custom Roles tab where you can view the Role Name, Description, Default Status, and Total Users listed in the role.

Adding Users to Custom Role

After a custom role is created, you can add users to the role by re-entering the Control Panel within the SOLE course. You may select users individually or as a group by checking the box next to their name under the Users tab. At the bottom of the page, select the "Change Role to" drop down menu. Select the role you would like to assign to the user(s).

Reminder: If a role is selected as a default, any time users are added they will automatically be added to this role.


For further guidance on how to create custom roles, please visit our Custom Roles Documentation page or watch the SOLE YouTube video on Adding Users for more details and demonstrations.

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