SOLE Spotlight | Shared Notes | February 2018

Published Friday, February 23, 2018

SOLE Spotlight: Shared Notes

This month’s SOLE Spotlight reviews the Shared Notes exam feature. Shared Notes, which is located in an exam's Advanced Settings tab, allows students to share notes on specific exam questions with the instructor. All notes are submitted once students have finished the exam.

Reviewing Shared Notes

After the exam concludes, instructors can click the Shared Notes button within Exam Reports to review all student Shared Notes. The notes will display, along with the student’s name, below each related exam question. Shared notes also are available when viewing Question Stats. This may be useful in question scoring.

By default, students cannot access their individual Shared Notes after an exam. However, enabling Shared Notes from within the Student Reporting Level section of the exam’s Advanced Settings allows students to review their notes.

Visit SOLE Documentation for more details on Shared Notes in advanced exam settings and reviewing exam reports.


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