SOLE Spotlight | Randomly Select Exam Questions | May 2019

Published Thursday, May 23, 2019

SOLE Support is often asked how to set an exam to randomly select from a list of questions. The answer is simple.

A Default Section is created upon the creation of an exam. Questions can be added to this section, either through the Question Bank or the Add Questions button. Here you will add all questions you want randomly selected.

Once you have added questions, click the Edit Section button. At the bottom right hand of the screen you can enter the number of questions you want SOLE to randomly select, making sure that the number value is less than the total number of questions in the section. Make sure all questions in the section have the same point value.

Once saved, you will see the number of randomly selected questions, their point value under the section's name and the list of questions from which it will randomly select.

For a visual demonstration with more details, please watch our video on Exam Questions and Sections on our YouTube Channel.

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