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SOLE Spotlight | Profile Photo Submission Process | September 2022

Published Thursday, September 1, 2022

SOLE Spotlight: Profile Photo Submission Process

New SOLE users are often unaware of how to get their profile picture to appear, be updated or not display in SOLE and the HSC Directory. To do so, you must submit a photo following the below requirements:

1. The photo should be a full head shot photo with a plain or blurred background that is clear of distracting imagery.

2. There should be no other people or objects in the photo.

3. The photo should be in color and not black and white.

4. The photo should be taken in full-face view, directly facing the camera. *Remember, this should be a professional photo. Generally, "selfies" do not provide an adequate photo for profile use.

5. Ensure there is enough blank space around the headshot to crop the photo (the best is from the chest level up and NOT from the neck up).

6. Consider avoiding photos with eyeglasses that cause glare or refraction that may obscure the eye(s).

7. The photo should be high resolution, at least 200 x 250 pixels.

8. Save photos in JPEG format.

9. Individual photos MUST have the email address saved as the file name or the photo will not be uploaded. The user's email address is used to upload the photo(s) to the appropriate profile in our system.
*File name example: useremail@hsc.wvu.edu

10. Please send the request and attach the photo(s) to solesupport@hsc.wvu.edu.


The size limit per attachment(s) is 1GB, with no limit on all attachments together. Contact solesupport@hsc.wvu.edu if you would like to upload many photos that exceed this limitation for photo attachment(s).

Every department has Directory Administrators that can make updates to a user's profile or department in the HSC Directory. To locate/contact editors to make updates, look up the users' profile or department, then click on the Additions/Corrections tab. This will list the Directory Administrators that can assist in updates to profile information.

All HSC employees are required to agree or disagree with the photo consent agreement on the HSC IT Security Awareness Training. Photos will not be displayed in SOLE or the HSC Directory if a user disagrees with the photo consent form on the HSC IT Security Awareness Training.

For additional information including professional photo requests and WVU Medicine and clinical profiles, please visit Profile Photo Submission Standards.


Contact SOLE Support:
304-293-2491, Option 1


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