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SOLE Spotlight | Preparing Courses | January 2021

Published Friday, January 8, 2021

SOLE Spotlight: Preparing Courses

This SOLE Spotlight focuses on preparing your courses for the upcoming semester. It is very important that you remember to archive the course(s) you plan to re-use (option 1) or request a new copy (option 2 and highly recommended) of the course(s).

If you are planning to re-use or recycle your course(s) here are two wizards in your Control Panel you should use for the successive semesters:

1) Archive Wizard provides you the State of the Site download to allow you to archive data (e.g., assignment submissions, files and submissions, discussion posts, grades, etc.) in case you would ever need to discuss grades in the future.
2) Cleanup Wizards is used after you archive your course and you want use these wizards to get ready for the semester. However, please use these with caution as they change content in your course.

Then, once you are ready, you can watch the When to Add Users in SOLE video on our YouTube channel to a self-paced and detailed tutorial.

We realize this process can be intimidating since you only do them a few times a year; therefore, please contact SOLE Support to answer any questions or concerns.


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