Faculty and Staff, make sure you are ready for any changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SOLE Spotlight | Prepare for Fall with QM Template | June 2020

Published Thursday, June 18, 2020

SOLE Spotlight: Prepare for Fall with Quality Matters Template

Mindful of our current public health uncertainty, we strongly encourage everyone to start taking steps to be able to pivot and blend between face-to-face and online course delivery this fall, as needed. Now is the time to make sure your course(s) are well organized and structured, so you and your students are prepared and assured.

SOLE Support can help you get started by uploading our Quality Matters (QM) Template into your current or new course in SOLE. The template is concise and will provide overviews of QM resources, ideas for connecting with students, and a guide for instructors. It includes a "Start Here" folder with an example welcome page, syllabus, schedule, and links to IT, SOLE Support and Campus Resources. It also provides empty folders labeled for the semester weeks one through sixteen so you may insert your content and assessments into them. This allows students to easily navigate the course and see what needs to be accomplished in each week of class. To add the QM Template to a new course, complete the Request a SOLE Site, then select QM Template in the course form. You can also select to speak with one of our Instructional Designers for the HSC Campus. You can also request the template be added to an existing course by contacting SOLE Support.

Another tool to help support WVU faculty and instructors with (re)designing their fall 2020 courses, is an 8-module or Fall Hybrid Teaching Institute (FHTI) with ongoing registration from May 18 through August 1. It covers the spectrum of delivery modalities available, including an exploration of the Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) instructional model that is quickly gaining popularity.

For more information, faculty and staff can visit the HSC Contingency Planning and Preparedness to make sure you are ready for any changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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