SOLE Spotlight: How to update your profile picture.

Published Wednesday, July 3, 2024

SOLE users can update their profile pictures in the system as long as the image meets the Profile Photo Submission Standards and doesn’t exceed 1 GB in size. You also must have selected “Agree” in the photo consent portion when you completed your HSC IT Security Awareness Training.

When selecting a photo, think about a plain passport-style image with a full face-forward view from the chest up, a plain background, and no objects or other people. Don’t wear sunglasses or a hat, don’t use filters, and make sure your JPEG file is at least 200 x 250 pixels.

You must use your email address as the file name, or the photo cannot be uploaded. For example, call it When ready to proceed, send the request and attach the photo(s) to

For additional information, including professional photo requests and WVU Medicine and clinical profiles, carefully review the Profile Photo Submission Standards.

Please direct questions to or call 304-293-2491, Option 1

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