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SOLE Spotlight | Grade Explanation and Gradebook Reports | 2020

Published Thursday, November 19, 2020

Grade Explanation

Grade Explanation can be a useful tool for reviewing individual student grade calculations.

Once grades have been entered for a student the Grade Explanation button will become available within the Overall Grade column. The Grade Explanation displays the calculations used to derive individual students' Overall Grade for the course. When utilizing this feature within a grouped gradebook, the explanation for individual groups can also be accessed while viewing that particular group.

Gradebook Reports

Grade Reports can be generated in order to download and review student grades, assignment grade data, grade statistics, grade comments, and Checklist progress from within the Gradebook of a course.

Gradebook Reports include a Summary Report which provides a summary of all students and all assignments in the Gradebook, and also Student Reports and Assignment Reports for more specified grade data.

For a full list of Gradebook Reports and their descriptions, please visit our Grade Reports Help Documentation page.

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