SOLE Spotlight | Archive Options | April 2018

Published Friday, April 27, 2018

This month’s SOLE Spotlight reviews SOLE’s Archive options. SOLE courses can be copied and rolled over into a new SOLE course (by request) or simply archived and re-used for the coming semester. Requirements can vary based on each school or degree program.

If you plan to use the same course each semester, you should visit the Archive Wizard options available to you from the Control Panel in the Archive tab. Once you have submitted semester grades then you can complete the State of the course download. It will walk you through downloading the current modules in your course like assignment submissions, discussion posts, grades, exams, etc. This function will produce a zip file that you can save locally or transfer to a reliable location at the discretion of your school/degree program. Downloading an archive will never alter your course in any way.

Please visit Archive Wizard for more information on creating a course archive.


If you are re-using your current course for the next term, and you have created a State of the course download, you must now clean up the course for its re-use. Cleanup Wizard options WILL alter the data in your course.

Please visit Cleanup Wizard on preparing your course for the next semester.

Archive Assistance

If you are unsure of the best process for your course in terms of archiving and clean up, please contact SOLE Support, and they can assist you in deciding the appropriate procedure for your course.

For related information on archiving, please visit the SOLE Storage, Backup & Archive Policy.


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