Faculty and Staff, make sure you are ready for any changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Quick Startup Steps

Zoom can be utilized as an online exam monitoring tool. You can complete authentication with student ID's prior to exam start, monitor up to 24 students at a time, utilize the SOLE LockDown browser and record exams for later review as needed.

To get started, follow the Quick Startup Steps

STEP 1: Request Zoom Proctor Accounts

  1. Identify all required Proctors. You can do this by dividing up how many students will be assigned per proctor. No more than 25 per room, including the proctor, is recommended. 
  2. Request a Zoom account with Proctor settings for every Proctor required with the following form and email it to Cindy Barnes. Please note: Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. 

    Remote Exam Proctor Form

  3. Visit:

STEP 2: Assign Proctors to Student Groups
& Notify Students of Exam Schedule/Meeting ID

  1. Each Proctor is assigned a unique meeting ID number that the students will use to join the exam. You can also see this ID on your scheduled Zoom meeting invite.
    Please note: Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. 
  2. Once you’ve assigned students to the proctor, provide an updated exam schedule so students know who their proctor is and the proctor's meeting ID #. Utilize this Proctor and Student Assignments spreadsheet.
  3. Be sure to extend exam length to include additional time to authenticate students (check Student ID, scan student test area), approximately 40 seconds to a minute per student and and email students the exam schedule.
  4. Students must use the Zoom application with the Meeting ID for all proctored exams. They cannot use the Web application. Encourage them to visit the Student Setup information.
  5. We recommend a practice session with Students and HSC ITS. Send practice exam Zoom invite to Jimmy Morley, Erin Bunner, Donovan Monday, Joe Marton and Laura Roth.
  6. When ready, inform students of upcoming Mock Exam and regular Exams.

STEP 3: SOLE Exam and Zoom Meeting

  1. The course administrator will create the exam and enable the LockDown browser.
  2. Use a Time limit and Password but consider avoiding release and end dates.
  3. Apply a password and distribute it to all proctors.
  4. Release the exam.
  5. Once everyone is in the Zoom meeting room, proctors should follow the authentication procedure for each student.
  6. Release the password via Zoom Chat to students.

STEP 4: Technical Support

  • Once in the LockDown browser, students can no longer see Zoom. They do have audio. Students having issues launching the Zoom application, or other technical issues, can contact the HSC ITS Help Desk at 304-293-3631, option 1.
  • The HSC ITS Help Desk has remote control/remote assistance tools available to help students and faculty.