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SOLE Spotlight | YouTube Presentations in a Discussion Post | April 2022

Published April 14, 2022

- Microsoft Office products are free for current WVU students and PowerPoint is a great resource for recording and producing videos.

SOLE Summer Certificate Training Announcement

Published April 5, 2022

Application & Web Support Services is pleased to announce our Summer SOLE Certificate Courses to provide training for Course and Site Administrators.

SOLE Spotlight | Live Polling | March 2022

Published March 3, 2022

Live Polling is a tool used to check comprehension, enhance engagement and facilitate learning during class. Live polling requires no clickers and can be utilized from the student's phone or laptop to ...

SOLE Spotlight | WVU Closed Captioning Unit | February 2022

Published February 3, 2022

As many faculty know, West Virginia University maintains an in-house team of professional transcribers and sign language interpreters who work to make the classroom more accessible for students regist ...

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