Syllabus is a place for the Course Administrator to post a course outline, a summary of topics and other resources.

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Announcements allows the Course Administrator to post messages to the Course Home Page or to email the message to the class.

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The Calendar gives you the flexibility to keep track of your personal, school, and course work schedules in one convenient location.

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Small Groups

Small Groups may be used for Problem Based Learning, interest area sub-divisions, term paper projects, study teams, peer review, the jigsaw method, and many other instructional purposes.

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Textbooks displays information and front cover images of texts used within a SOLE course.

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Schedule is a place for the Site Administrator to post the course/site schedule, lab schedules and other resources.


Faculty is a place for the Course Administrator to post Faculty information, bios, etc.


Used to issue a certificate after a defined goal or set of goals has been achieved.