Creating Branching Logic

Branching Logic allows you to define distinct branches through your survey based on users' responses. Examples of this include having a question on gender branch to male or female sections, or a rating question branch to different sections for positive or negative responses.

Surveys automatically display all questions in the survey at once. However, branching can only be used if the Delivery Method for the survey is set to ‘one question at a time’ or ‘one section at a time’. Therefore, you will need to change the survey display settings in the Advanced Settings of the survey before adding branching. Choose ‘one question at a time’ if there will be more than one question in one or more sections. Choose ‘one section at time’ if there will be one question within each section.

The easiest way to set up branching is to develop the entire survey and then go back and add branching. To set up branching follow these steps:

  1. The first section of your survey should contain the branching question. You can branch multiple times in a single survey but you can only have one question with branching per section.

    Please Note:  Even if your branching question is the first in the section the branching will occur after the last question in the section. It is best practice to put the branching question at the end of the section.

  2. In order to branch you must create new sections. Therefore a new section must be created for each answer option you want to branch.
  3. You can only branch from Option List, Drop Down Menu, and Ranking questions. Other questions types (Text Box, Text Area, Check List, and Slider) do not support branching.
  4. You can only branch from a Required question. If you add branching to a non-required question it will automatically change the question to Required once the branching is saved.
  5. After you have created your new sections return to the branching question and click to edit it. Click the Branch button next to the answer and use the drop down to choose which section each answer option will branch to. You can also choose to branch to [End of Survey] if you do not want the survey to continue after a particular answer is chosen.

    Edit rating answers window for branching
  6. If there is no branching for a section the survey branching will continue linearly from one section to the next. If you want the survey to end at a particular section then you will need to branch that section to the [End of Survey].

    Ending Survey to end branching on a particular section
  7. Back on the question management page we can now see a visual representation of the branches through the survey by clicking the "View Branching" button.

    Survey branching graph with examples