Weighting Groups and Assignments

The Gradebook can calculate grades based on pre-set percentage weights. This can be utilized in gradebooks that are ungrouped or grouped. Individual assignments and Groups can be weighted to contribute to the overall grade. By default, all assignments within a group will contribute to the group grade using the total points for that group. However, there is also an option to weight the assignments within a group. In this way the assignments contributing to a particular group can all be weighted individually. 

For example, for a Gradebook in which there is a group for Exams and a group for Homework the calculations can be weighted so that the Exams group is worth 75% of the total grade and the Homework group is worth 25% of the total grade. The individual assignments within the two groups will then contribute to each group's weighted percentage.  Further more, if there is a Midterm Exam and a Final Exam listed within the Exams Group, those two exams can also be individually weighted so that both contribute to 50% of the Exams Group grade, regardless of how many points each exam is worth.