Rubrics are multidimensional sets of scoring guidelines that can be used to provide consistency in evaluating student work. They spell out scoring criteria so that multiple teachers, using the same rubric for a student's essay, for example, would arrive at the same score or grade. In this way, rubrics provide an objective grading method.

For example, students given a research presentation might be graded in three areas; Content, Display, and Presentation. A given criterion is then stated in several different levels of completion or competence for each area, with a weighted score assigned to each level.

A rubric should give clear guidelines to an instructor on how to evaluate or "grade" a project, presentation, or paper. Since the criteria for assessment are clearly defined in gradations from poor to excellent, a rubric can be used as a guide for planning and gives students clear targets of proficiency.  Basically, rubrics let students know what teachers expect on assignments and give teachers a standardized, compact checklist from which to grade.

Rubric Scales is a setting specific to Gradebook and therefore can only be created and utilized if the Gradebook tool has been enabled through the Control Panel.