Gradebook Environment

  1. The Gradebook lists “Students” and their “Overall Grade” in columns on the left side of the screen.

    Students are automatically populated to the Gradebook from the Users role in the Control Panel.

  2. These two columns are locked so that scrolling to the right will scroll through the assignments/groups columns while still displaying the student and overall grade on the left. This makes it easy to see what grades belong to which student.
    • You can sort these columns by clicking on the title (i.e. “Student” or “Overall Grade”). The columns will be sorted in alphabetical/numerical order.
    • Once assignments and/or groups are added they can be sorted in the same way; by clicking the title of the column.
    • The width of the Student column can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the line separating the Student column from the Overall Grade column to the desired width. This is saved based on user.
    • Once assignments and/or groups are added their width can be adjusted in the same way; by clicking and dragging the lines separating the headers of the column.
  3. If Gradebook is Grouped the green “Create” button also lets you create a new group in the Gradebook.
    • Individual assignments can then be added to a group through their own Gradebook settings by using the Group drop down list. Please see the Help Pages for individual tools to learn more about these Gradebook settings.
  4. If the Gradebook is left ungrouped then any assignments that have been created/linked to the Gradebook will be displayed to the right of the locked Student and Overall Grade columns.
    • The assignments will be listed as columns across the screen with the assignment title displayed at the top of a column.
    • Student grades will be displayed down the columns, forming a table. Assignments that have not been graded will contain question marks in place of grades.
    • Assignment columns can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping the title (left or right) into place. This is saved based on user.
    • The “Sort” drop down menu can also be used to re-order the Assignment columns (or Groups if the Gradebook is grouped):
      1. Alphabetically – Sorts them alphabetically in ascending order from left to right.
      2. By creation date – Sorts them based on their creation date in ascending order from left to right.
      3. Custom – Allows you to click and drag them into a custom order.
    • Below the title it will tell you whether an assignment is fully scored or display the number of grades that are not fully scored for the assignment.
    • Once one or more grades have been entered for an assignment a red bar will appear below the title of the assignment column. This means that the assignment grades have not yet been released to students. Once the grades are released this bar will turn green.
    • Any Student Grade Feedback comments or private notes you entered during grading will be displayed as icons next to the student’s grade.
      • Comments left for students will appear as a blue icon.
      • Private notes will appear as a yellow icon.
      • Hover over the icons to view your comment/private notes.
  5. Once an assignment has been created in the Gradebook you can edit the assignment by clicking the gray button to the right of the assignment title to access the following:
    • Quick Grade – Allows you to enter points for the Gradebook assignment for each individual student. You can also click the gray thought bubble to leave a Student Grade Feedback comment for the student. You cannot view the attached content using Quick Grade.
      • Quick Grade cannot be used to grade assignments that are graded using Rubrics.
      • Quick Grade is only available for Exams that have been closed; Open exams cannot be graded via Quick Grade.
      • If Small Groups are being used, Quick Grade can be used to grade by group. Once you have clicked Quick Grade check mark the box next to “Grade by Groups” at the bottom of the grader and then add points for each group.
    • Detailed Grader – Opens the detailed grader and content for the attached assignment, journal, chat, or discussion. Please see help pages for individual tools to learn more about using Detailed Grader. This is titled “Exam Grader” on Exams and takes you to the Exam Reports page to the exam.
    • Release – Releases the grade to students.
    • Edit – Edit assignment within Gradebook. This does not edit the attached assignment, exam, etc.
    • Delete – Deletes the assignment from the Gradebook. This does not delete attached content.
    • Email Missing – Sends an email to students who have not yet submitted the assignment. This is only available when the Gradebook assignment is attached to the Journal or Assignment tools.
    • Reductions - this option will only be available if a reduction has been applied to at least one student grade for an Assignment, Discussion or Journal. This could occur either via Global Reduction settings in the Gradebook or under Advanced Settings within an Assignment, Discussion, or Journal. You can edit the reduction applied to the grades of students that have gotten a reduction for a late submission. You cannot apply reductions manually to students that did not earn one through a late submission. 
    • View Activity Log – A log of all activity pertaining to the assignment that provides details about changes made to the assignment, such as date, time, and user.
    • Import Grades – this allows you to import grades using a .csv or .txt document with headers.
      • Required headers:
        • Email - must be the email associated with the students’ SOLE accounts.
        • Score - may be entered as points or as percentage (using the drop down menu during the import), with one user per line. Values less than 0 and greater than 10,000 will be ignored.
          Score can also be one of the following: "A" - Absent, "D" - Dropped, "E" - Excused, "I" - Incomplete, "L" - Late, "M" - Missing, "S" - Suspension and "T" - Tardy.
      • Examples:
        1. Example of a .txt document
        2. Example of a .csv document
      • Scores in the document should be whole numbers; do not format as percentages.
  6. Finalize Scores – Choosing to finalize scores leaves the scores already entered as is and gives any student without a score (signified by the ?) a zero for the assignment. If a student misses and assignment, and grades are not finalized, then the student will not be penalized for missing the assignment. Scores must be manually finalized by an administrator. Students given a zero using this feature can still be edited afterwards using Quick Grader or Detailed Grader.
  7. The assignment columns will also be shaded in different colors to depict certain settings:
    • If an assignment is Extra Credit the column will be shaded in green.
    • If dropped scores are included in an assignment the dropped score will be shaded in yellow.
    • If an assignment is not included in the overall grade calculations the column will be shaded in gray.
  8. If the Gradebook is grouped then you will view the groups when you first enter the Gradebook.
    • The groups will be listed as columns across the screen with corresponding grades for the students in the course. The grades listed under the group columns will display the overall grade for that particular group.

      These grades are calculated based on the Gradebook settings.

    • Each group title is displayed at the top of a column. Below the title it will tell you whether a group is fully scored or display the number of grades that are not fully scored for the group.
    • Group columns can be re-ordered by clicking and dropping the title into place.
    • You can use the gray button with a downward arrow to “View” the assignments within group. You can use this button to “Edit” the group, "Release All" grades within the group, and view the group “Activity Log.” If all grades within a group are released then you will have the option to “Unrelease All” grades within the group.
    • Clicking to View the group will open the group and display the assignments attached to that group.
  9. Beside the title of an Assignment is a blue info icon. Hovering over this icon will give you information about the assignment such as the maximum points, grading method, release status, and number of students not graded for the assignment.
    • If the Assignment is linked to content the title of that content will also be displayed here along with the mean (average), median, high score, low score, and standard deviation for the graded content. If no grades exist ‘N/A” will be displayed until there are grades populated for the assignment.
  10. Groups also have blue info icons. Hovering over this icon will provide the total number of assignments within the group and how many of those assignments are not fully graded.
    • If the Group contains Assignments that are linked to content then the total mean (average), median, high score, low score, and standard deviation for the Group as a whole (based on percentages) will be displayed here as well.
  11. “Filter grades” works like search and filters through students’ names and can be used to locate specific grades for individual students.
  12. You can also access individual student grade information by clicking on a student’s name. This enters into the student detail view for that particular student’s grades in the course.
    • Here you can view their overall grade and grades based on group.
    • The blue “View as Student” button lets you see how the student will view their grades in Gradebook
    • The comment icon can be clicked to display Student Grade Feedback comments you may have left during grading.
    • Click the “Return to Gradebook” to return to the Gradebook homepage.
  13. If the Gradebook is grouped you can move between the homepage and individual groups by using the drop down menu at the top left of the screen.
  14. The "Settings" tab takes you to the current Gradebook settings for setup or edits.
  15. The “Reports” tab can be clicked to create various grade reports either to print or as a PDF or Excel file.