Adding Assignments and Groups

Assignments can be added to Gradebook in two different ways:

  1. Linking a chat, discussion, journal, assignment, or an exam to the Gradebook through their individual settings will automatically create a Gradebook Assignment.

    Please see help pages for individual tools in order to create Gradebook Assignments using this method.

  2. New Assignments can also be added from the Gradebook homepage by clicking the green “Create” button and choosing “New Assignment”.

    Gradebook assignments created from within Gradebook itself can later be Quick Graded or linked to a chat, discussion, journal, assignment, or exam.

  3. Begin by giving the assignment a title, selecting a group (not available if the Gradebook is not grouped), and entering a number for maximum points. These settings are all mandatory fields when creating a new assignment. You do not need to use the points on the assignment as part of the final grade but points must be entered regardless.
  4. You can also set additional settings:
    • Due Date – You can use the calendar to choose a due date for the assignment. This is the date/time that the assignment must be submitted by.
    • Grade Display Format – Allows you to choose how the grade for this specific assignment is displayed in the Gradebook. Options include: Points Only, Points and Letter Grade, Letter Grade Only, Letter Grade and Percentage, Letter Grade and Points, Percentage Only, Percentage and Points, and Percentage and Letter Grade.

      This applies to the Faculty view of the Gradebook and does not affect the Student view of grades. Students will always see grade points and percentage for each individual grade regardless of which Grade Display Format is chosen.

    • Grading Scale – select the grading scale you would like to use to grade the assignment. You must create Additional Grading scales within the settings of the Gradebook if you wish to use a scale separate from the default scale.
    • Grading Method – You can grade the assignment by entering points, using a grading scale (drop down menu of letter grades), or using a rubric (must be defined through Gradebook settings).
    • Is Used in Calculations – Uncheck this box to exclude the assignment grade from the final grade calculations. You will still need to assign a maximum number of points in order to create the Gradebook assignment. The points are not calculated but are still mandatory so you may enter a random number.
    • Is Extra Credit – The assignment can be added to the Gradebook as Extra Credit instead of a regular graded assignment by clicking this checkbox. The ‘Is Used in Calculations’ box must be checked in order to include the assignment as extra credit.
    • Is Released – check this box if you’d like the assignment to be released to students upon its creation.
  5. Once an assignment has been created in the Gradebook you can edit the assignment by clicking the gray button to the right of the assignment title and choosing “Edit”.

Gradebook Grouping must first be enabled within the Gradebook settings. Once enabled, Groups can be created in two different ways as well:

  1. Groups can be added from within the Grouping settings of the Gradebook. To do so enter Gradebook settings, click to edit the “Grouping” settings, and click the green “Add a group” button. Use the green pencil icon to edit already existing groups.
  2. Groups can also be added from the Gradebook homepage by clicking the green “Create” button and choosing “New Group”.

    You must be in the "Assignment Groups View” to do this. You cannot create groups within groups. However, you can weight individual assignments within Groups.

    • Creating groups here allows you to define whether the group is used in the final grade calculations, scores should be dropped, or if the group grade should be extra credit.