Troubleshooting While Taking a LockDown Exam

Closing Programs

If you receive a pop-up message that says "You must close the following program before starting the browser" this is not an error message. It is a directive to CLOSE the program before you can proceed.

The LockDown Browser will offer to close the program but may be unable to do so resulting in the LockDown Browser closing itself. When this occurs, the student will need to manually close the program then re-enter the exam through the LockDown browser.

Using the Refresh Button

If the internet connection is lost during an exam, and is re-established, then the refresh button at the top left screen can be clicked to continue the exam. This eliminates the need to exit the exam in order to continue answering questions.

Before clicking the refresh button, please review the exam legend on the right of the screen. Only those questions previously answered that are marked in green will remain after the refresh. If there are answered questions that are marked in red, this means that they were not saved due to the loss of connection and those answers will be lost after the refresh.

Using the refresh button will mark the exam as an exam "re-entry" on the Student Stats report. The re-entry can be verified by comparison with additional exam activity.

Using the Exit Password

If the internet connection is lost, and cannot be re-established, then the user will need to exit the LockDown Browser early using the Exit Password. This password is automatically assigned or edited during exam creation and can only be provided by the course administrator or instructor. SOLE Support cannot provide this password without the permission of the course instructor.

Once the Exit Password has been obtained from the instructor, the exam can be exited by clicking the Information Settings icon (blue circle icon) on the top left of the screen. Click “Proctor Options” to open the “Proctor Exit” window. Enter the Exit Password and click “Ok.” This will exit the LockDown Browser.

As long as the exam is still released and has not expired, users can re-enter the exam once the internet connection has been re-established. If the exam has a time limit, and it has passed, then the user will need to contact the instructor to gain access to the exam. Any answers that were successfully saved during the exam (marked green in the exam legend) are saved. Answers that were not able to save due to the loss of connection (marked in red in the exam legend) will not be saved and will need to be re-answered.