Homepage Notifications Settings

You can select the types of notifications you wish to receive on the SOLE Homepage. To access Notifications Settings, click your SOLE profile photo in the top right of the screen to access User Settings & Options. Click to select your User Profile and then select the Notifications tab. Notifications settings can also be accessed by clicking the gear icon from within the Notifications Center. First, make sure that SOLE Homepage is selected under Contact Options. Then, use the check mark and X icons to turn individual notifications on and off.

On and off switch for notifications

Types of Homepage Notifications

  • Added to Course – notifies you when you are added to a course/site.
  • New Discussion – notifies you when a new discussion is created in any enrolled course/site.
  • Content Available – notifies you when new content is made available within any enrolled course/site.
  • Due Date Changed – notifies you when the due date has changed in any enrolled course/site.
  • Announcement – notifies you when an announcement for a course/site is posted.
  • New Discussion Post – notifies you when a new discussion post was added to a discussion to which you subscribe.
  • New Mention – notifies you when you are mentioned by another user in a discussion.
  • Grades Released – notifies you when grades of been released in any enrolled course/site. Whether or not the grade is shown in the email itself is an additional settings option.
  • Calendar Date Changed – notifies you when a date posted to the calendar is changed in any course/site.
  • Content Due Reminder – reminds you 24 hours before an assignment is due if you have not submitted anything yet.
  • New Chat Post – notifies you when a new chat post was posted to a chat room you have access to or a private chat message was sent to you.