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The Notes feature allows users within a course to take notes on content objects. These notes can then later be reviewed either on the content object itself or as a whole within the Resources section of the left navigation. 

To begin taking Notes on a content object, click the Take Notes About This button near the bottom of the page:

Takes Notes About This Icon

Enter your notes in the text box provided. Your notes are automatically saved. Use the icons on the right to fix the notes section to the bottom of the window or to close the Notes text box:

Notes panel for pages

Once notes are made on a content object, a yellow marker will be shown next to the content both within the content tree in the left navigation and on the main content area. 

To view notes made within the course for all content within the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or all notes, select Resources from the left navigation and click My Notes. You can also search all notes in the course here as well for specific key words and phrases. Use the Go to Related Content button to view the content on which the note was taken and the Delete button to delete the note.