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Annotating Documents

Once you have opened the Annotator’s preview of a file, you may begin annotating the document by simply selecting any of the tools you wish to use.

Annotator Toolbar

Rectangle/ Highlight/ Strikethrough Tools

 Rectangle, Highlight, and Strikeout Tools

Rectangle - Allows you to draw a Red Rectangle around a group of text. This Rectangle can be moved once drawn. To enable, click the Rectangle icon. When you are done using the Rectangle tool, click the Rectangle icon again to disable the tool. 

Highlight - Use to highlight text within the document. To enable, click the Highlight icon. When you have finished highlighting, click the Highlight icon again to disable the tool.

Strikeout - Use to indicate that text should be deleted. To enable click the Strikeout icon. Click and drag to strike out text within the file and a red line will appear indicating the text has been stricken out. When you are done using the Strikeout tool, click the Strikeout icon again to disable the tool.

Text Tools

Text Tools

Text- Use to add text directly to a file. To enable, click the Text Icon. Click in the desired area of the file, then type your entry. You can select the text color and font size as well. When you are finished using the Text Tool, click the Text icon again to disable the tool.

Font Size tool- Allows you to pick the font size of the Text Tool.

Color Palette- Allows you to pick the Font Color of the Text Tool.

Note: Once you have finished typing and have pressed return or clicked out of the text box, you cannot edit your text. You will need to either delete your entry and retype it, or create another text box. The Comment Tool is recommended for taking longer notes.

Pen Tools

Pen Tools

Pen - Used to make freehand drawings and annotations. To enable, click the Pen icon. You can change the color and size of your pen. When you are finished using the pen, click the Pen icon to end your drawings.

Pen Size – Select the thickness of your pen.

Color Palette - Allows you to pick the color of your Pen.

Comment, Zoom, Reset Tools

Comment, Size, Reset Tools

Comment - Use to add a comment to a file. To enable, click the Comment icon. Click the desired location of the comment, then type your entry. After you’ve made your comment, it will turn into a yellow Chat Bubble. You may click and drag this Chat Bubble to more accurately place the comment in the file.

Zoom - Used to magnify the document within the SOLE Annotator document viewer. Some browsers and devices may increase the text size so large that a scroll bar will appear. You may wish to use the Fullscreen option, as mentioned in the Viewing Content page.

Reset - The Reset button will clear and delete all annotations done within the file. You will be prompted with a confirmation box to ensure deletion. You may click "No" if you had pressed the Reset button by mistake. 

Note to Administrators: If you choose to upload a new version of the within Course Content, any annotations that your students may have made to that file will be erased. If you think your students have taken notes on the document you will want to ensure that the students have saved the annotated document before uploading another version.

Moving Annotations

  1. You can move Comments, Rectangles, Text Boxes, as well as Drawings. To move, hover over the annotation then click and drag to the new location. Rectangles and Drawings cannot be resized, these must be deleted and redrawn if a different size is needed.
  2. Highlighted sections and Strikeouts cannot be move, these must be deleted and redrawn. 

Deleting Annotations

  1. To delete a Comment you have made, click the comment box and then click the X that appears in the upper right corner. (See example Comment below.)
    Comment Box with a Delete Option
    Alternatively, on the right hand side you will see the comment text with “EDIT” and “DELETE” options. 

    Note: Only comments have the edit and delete option on the right, Text boxes and other annotations may need to be deleted and recreated.

  2. To delete anything else you have made, click the appropriate object and click the X that appears in the upper right corner