Availability Settings

After creating a content object, you have the option to add some additional Availability settings. Availability settings allow the Site Administrator to control the publishing and time restrictions that can be applied to a Content Object.

  1. While editing a content object, click the Availability tab.
  2. Publish Options:
    • Draft - The content is in design phase and unavailable for Users to View.
    • Released - The content is available to Users, but controlled by the time restrictions set below (Released is the default setting for all Content Objects).
    • Release Date - Add a release date if you want the content to be released to Users on a specific date and time (if you do not specify the time, the time will default to midnight on the chosen date).

      Please note, the certificate must be Released as well. If the certificate is left in Draft mode, it will NOT release.

    • Expiration Date - Upon the Expiration date, the content will no longer be visible/available to users.
  3. Click the Add/Update button.

If you have assigned a Content Object to be released at a future date through Availability Settings, applied an Access Control that does not include you, or assigned a Dependent Release, the Content Object will be grayed out in the Administrator's view. The student(s) who should not will NOT see the Object until all criteria are met. View the Permissions Summary to see a report of all permissions applied to a content object.