Adding Content Objects

Begin by accessing Content and clicking the Add Content Icon Add Content button. Next you will select the type of Content you wish to post.

All content objects created here will be posted within the Content "Tree" in the left navigation. Those objects created using other tools will be posted, and accessed, within their individual tools as well.

Upon creation, the content object will open up to the General Settings tab. Use the other tabs assign any additional General Settings, Availability Settings, Access Control or Gradebook settings (if Gradable).

If you are linking to the File Manager, you have the option of locating an existing file, creating a new web page, or uploading the file as you create the content.

Typically, you must add up to two pieces of information to create a new content object. It is encouraged that you assign your content some of the additional settings available. The more settings that are added to a Content Object, the better the course experience is for the student. Review the Help Pages for individual tools for more information on entering settings for content objects.

Content Object Types


Folder IconFolder - Create a folder to organize your content in a way that suits your needs.

Page IconPage - Add an Information Block.

File IconFile - Upload Zip, Word, Excel, graphic files or create an html content page.

Link IconLink - Add a link to an internal or external file.

Multiformat IconMulti format - Used when uploading different formats of the SAME file.

Relay Queue Icon Relay Queue - Used to process Panopto Relay recordings but is only available when there is a an uploaded recording that is ready to be processed.


Announcement IconAnnouncement - Add an Announcement.


Chat IconChat - Add a Chat Room.

Disscussion IconDiscussion - Add a Discussion board.

Forms IconForms - Add a Form.

Journal IconJournal - Add a Journal.

Signup List IconSignup List - Add a Signup List.

Media IconMedia - Add a Media file.


Assignment IconAssignment - Add an Assignment.

Sole Exam IconSOLE Exam  - Add a SOLE Exam.

Survey IconSurvey - Add a Survey.

TurnItIn IconTurnItIn - Add a TurnItIn assignment.