Signup List Registration

Users can be registered for a Signup List in two ways: course administrators can add users to a list OR users can self-register for a list.

Administrator Registration

Course administrators can begin registering students to a list by clicking the Signup List icon from the Left Navigation or the Main Content Area under Communication Tools.

  1. Choose the list in which you would like to add users and then click the green “Register Users” button.
  2. Click the small box (check mark) next to those users you want to add and hit Submit.

    If users are not permitted to sign up for multiple options, and they have already signed up for an option, their name will appear with a line through it signifying that they can no longer be signed up for more options.

  3. Once users have been signed up for a list (or have signed up themselves) there will be the option to Email Users. Click this button to email all signed up users in a list or list option.
  4. Once users have been signed up for a list (or have signed up themselves) the View Registrations button can be clicked to view a full list of those signed up to the list. This can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Export to Excel button.
    • A quick view of the registrant list can also be viewed by clicking the gray link below each list option.
  5. Use the Delete all Registrations button to remove all registered users from the list.
  6. Select the Copy Signup List button to create an exact copy of the list. This is useful to edit an existing list without removing its options and setting. This provides a Copy version of the original Signup List which you can edit and update with new options, registration deadlines, and settings.

User Registration

Users can self-register for a list by clicking Signup List from the Left Navigation or the Main Content Area under Communication.

Signup lists that have been linked as Content Objects can also be found under Content.

  1. Choose the list for which you want to register.
  2. If directions for the list have been added they will be listed within a gray info box at the top of the page.
  3. The registration deadline will be listed in red near the top of the screen. If this date has passed you will not be able to sign up for a list.
  4. If administrators have allowed users to view the list of registrants for a list, there will be a gray link below each list option title. Click this link to view a list of those who have already registered.
  5. If a list is open to an unlimited number of registrants, then it will be listed as Open in green to the right of the list or option. If the list is limited to a certain number of registrants than the number of spots left will be listed instead.
  6. Click the green Sign Up button. You will then see a green "You are signed up” message as confirmation.
  7. To remove yourself from the list you can click the red Remove button.

    Course administrators have the option of disallowing users from removing themselves from a list and therefore some lists will not allow you to remove yourself once you have registered.

  8. If the course administrator has enabled comments, users can use the pencil icon to enter signup comments as well.