Adding a Signup List

  1. Begin by accessing Signup List from within Communication and clicking the Add Signup List Icon Add Signup List icon.
  2. The General Tab will open automatically after you’ve clicked to add a list. This is where you will define Basic Settings: List Title, Description, Registration Deadline, and List Type (all but the Description are mandatory). There are two list types; Standard and Has Options.
    • Standard – Specifies one list that users can sign up for. This is useful if you want to create groups of students for a project or to assign individual students a certain topic or assignment.
      • For example, you can create a Standard list for a number of different project topics and then allow users to sign up for the topic of their choice. You can also specify that only administrators can add users to the list.
    • Has Options – Specifies multiple topics within the list. Choosing this type of list allows you to specify list options and whether users can sign up for multiple options. This is useful for group projects where multiple students may be working together.
      • For example, you could create a number of Has Options lists of different project topics and then define different parts of the project. Four students could sign up for the project list, then each student could sign up for a particular option within that list to divide the work.
      • By choosing Has Options users are automatically allowed to sign up for multiple options. This must be unchecked if users are to be restricted to signing up for only one option.
  3. Additional settings are available within the General tab.
    • Details is where you can name the Contributor (the administrator that is creating the content) and apply a Category.
    • Tags allows you to add tags to your content so that you may easily find content associated with a particular tag. Tags can also aid in your department's curriculum mapping.

      Categories and Tags can be used for searching and organizing content in the course. For example, you could create a Category named “Chapter One” with the tags “heart” and “brain”. This would allow filtering on all content from “Chapter One” or filtering on all content across all chapters related to the “heart” or the “brain.”

    • Location Information could provide students with the location of an event associated with the Signup List.
    • Calendar Settings allows you to publish the date/time that the Signup List will be displayed on the Content Calendar and the What’s New list. Duration sets how long the event will be visible on the Calendar. 

      This does not affect the actual availability of the list. Availability settings must be set from the Availability Tab.

  4. On the Availability Tab you have the ability to change your availability options:
    • Draft – The list is in design phase and unavailable for users to view.
    • Released – The list is available to students, subject to set time restrictions.

      The list will remain in Draft mode once you create it. If you are ready to release it you can change it to Released mode which will make it available for students to use. If you save it and leave it in Draft mode, then you will need to return to edit and release it later once you are ready for users to start signing up.

  5. All students have access to the list unless restrictions are made. The Access Control Tab can be used to set restrictions based on your user list and preset roles. To enable restrictions, select any of the three Add Restrictions buttons within this tab.
    • Add User Restrictions - click this button to display the User List and Add/Remove specific users to/from the access list.
    • Add Small Group Restrictions - click this button to display the Small Groups List and Add/Remove Small Groups you have created to/from the access list.
    • Add Role Restrictions - click this button to display the Role list and Add/Remove Roles to/from the access list.
  6. The Advanced Settings tab is used to set detailed settings for the Signup list.
    • Can users unregister? - Check this box to allow users to unregister for a list. If this is unchecked, they will not be able to unregister themselves from the list.
    • Can only administrators assign?Check this box so that users cannot register for a list themselves.
    • Can comments be entered?  - Check this box to allow users to enter comments when signing up for a list.
    • Can users view registration list/comments? - Check this box to allow Users that have been registered for a list to view the list of registrants and any comments for the list. Unchecking this box means that users will not be able to view the list of registrants for a list. However, they will still be able to view the total number of registrants. 
  7. Click Add Signup List once all required/optional settings have been defined.