Adding Journals

  1. Begin by accessing Journal from within Communication and clicking the  Add Journal icon.
  2. The General Tab will open automatically after you’ve clicked to add a journal. This is where you will define General Settings and optional Advanced Settings.
  3. Once you have defined all settings (you can edit the journal later if you want to change anything) finish adding the journal by clicking the Add Journal button on the bottom right of the screen. You can also choose to Cancel the addition by clicking the red button.
    • Once the journal has been created you can edit it by returning to the Journal tool, clicking into the journal you wish to edit, and clicking the Edit icon.
  4. Once you have added a journal it will show up on the main Journal page. New Journals are automatically released and will appear in blue text. Journals can be put into Draft Mode (under the Availability Tab) and will appear in light, gray text to signify that they are unavailable to students.
  5. The following icons will appear at the top right of the Main Content Area:
    • Edit – allows you to edit the journal settings.
    • Delete – deletes the entire Journal, including any submissions.
    • Access Reports – contains viewing data of which students have visited the journal and which features they visited.
    • Menu - click here to view the Activity Log which displays all administrator editing activity, Content Details, and to Print this Page.
  6. The following buttons will be available in the Journal Details section:
    • Grade Submissions – takes you to the Detailed Grader in order to review, grade, and provide comments for the journal submissions.
    • Send a Reminder – sends a customized reminder email to students who have yet to submit the journal assignment.
    • View Stats – takes you to the Detailed Grader in order to review the journal assignment grade statistics (only available after journals are graded).
  7. Once a journal has been released you can go back and change it back to draft mode and make changes. Unlike Exams, submissions will remain once the journal is reverted back to draft mode.