Private Message Notifications

Users can receive notifications for private messages sent to them while they are in a Chat room.

The first time a private message is received by a user, while the chat window is not active, a pop-up will ask the user to “Allow” notifications. This means that the notifications for the chat will now be allowed to display when the user is in the Chat room. Once this is allowed it will be allowed on this webpage until it is removed.

Chat Notifications

Notifications will pop-up on the bottom right of the screen but only if the chat window is not active (i.e. minimized or the user is viewing/using another browser window).

Private message browser alert

If the user is in a Chat room and the chat window is active, these pop-up notifications will not appear. However, a number will appear next to the user’s name within the chat signifying the number of unread private message received from another user.

Chat Notification Panel