Reviewing Exam Reports

Once an exam has been released the Exam Reports button becomes available.

Click the Exam Reports button to view statistical data about the student exam submissions, including:

  1. Number of finished exams.
  2. The number of students currently taking the exam.
  3. The number of unstarted exams.
  4. The number of questions on the exam and the total number of points available.
  5. Access to Student, Question, and Section Stats.
  6. Scoring Information such as high, average, and low scores for the exam, the mean and median points, and standard deviation.
  7. Access to Scores Distribution data. 

Use the Student Stats, Questions Stats, and Section Stats buttons to view more specific information about the exam statistics:

  1. Student Stats – lists all student exam attempts, including the date and time of each attempt, plus their score and points awarded for each attempt. Use the Download Excel File button to download this data to your computer.
  2. Question Stats – displays statistical data for all questions within the exam. This includes the questions' scores for the whole group, top quarter (25%), and bottom quarter (25%), as well as the discrimination, Rpb, mean, and standard deviation for each question. Click the icons under a question to view the question, answers on a bar chart, and/or advanced answer stats. 
    • Use the drop down menu to sort questions.
    • Use the Show All Information button to view all data for every question. Click it again to hide this information. 
    • The Save Question Stats button is used to save each question's statistics into the question notes field in the Question Bank
    • Next to each question icons allow you to review Question preview, Answer bar chart, Advanced answer statistics, Shared notes and Adjust question scoring.
  3. Section Stats – list the number of questions, maximum points available, points average, and percent average for each section within the exam. 
  4. Shared Notes - If Shared Notes were enabled under Advanced Settings for the exam, the number of shared notes will be noted on the Shared Notes button. Click this button to view the list of questions and the associated shared notes from students. 

If you want to review grades for a specific student’s attempt, you can do so by selecting the Graded tab at the top of the screen. Here you will see a list of the students who have taken the exam and the following information:

  1. The number of attempts will be listed under each student's name.
  2. The completion time shows the hours and minutes the student took to complete the exam.
  3. The student's score and awarded points for the exam.
    • If the exam is self-study and more than one attempt was made, then the students' scores will reflect the scoring options set within the exam's basic settings. For example, if the exam is set to score based on the high score for all attempts then the high score will be listed within Exam Reports.
  4. Use the Review Attempts button to review detailed information about each attempt. This includes the options to delete or reopen the attempt, view the student's exam (Adjust Question Scoring), or view the student view of the exam attempt. 
    • Use these buttons wisely! Reopening their attempt will re-launch their exam and allow the student to change the answers. If the exam is timed, reopening it will also restart the timer for the student's attempt. Also, once an attempt is deleted it cannot be retrieved.
    • The Activity button can be used to view basic and advanced activity.
      • Basic Activity shows you the date, time, and name of users who accessed the exam as well as a basic description of their activity.
      • Advanced Activity provides more detailed information about users and their activity.