Managing an Exam

The buttons used to manage an exam will depend on the publish status (Draft, Released, or Closed):

Exams in Draft Mode

  1. Add Questions/Manage Questions – allows you to edit exam sections and questions. You can edit which questions are on the exam and also edit the questions themselves.
  2. Release This Exam – appears after questions have been added to the exam and releases the exam for students to take.
  3. Preview Exam appears after questions have been added to the exam and allows you to take the exam and review it before releasing it to students.
  4. Printable - appears after questions have been added to the exam and allows you to print a copy for review or a copy for students to take offline (with or without the answer key).
  5. Copy Examappears after questions have been added to the exam and creates an exact copy of the exam. This is useful if you'd like to edit an existing exam without removing the current submissions.

Released Exams

  1. Exam Submissions:
    • Information about exam submissions will be displayed; this includes the number of completed exams, number of not yet started exams, number of exams in progress (number of students that have started but not finished the exam), and the completion percentage (percentage of in progress and completed exam questions that have been answered).
    • The Send a Reminder button can be used to email those students who have not yet started the exam. Clicking this button will display a clickable list of students who have not yet begun the exam and an editable reminder message. This button is unavailable once the exam has been closed.
  2. Exam Details:
    • Close Exam – closes the exam so that students can no longer access or launch the exam. It also allows the administrator to override question scoring and Quick Grade within the Gradebook. Once an exam is closed students can see the scoring but can no longer take the exam.
    • View Questions – lists the questions that are currently attached to the exam and the total amount of points available. You can no longer Manage Questions once the exam is released.
    • Exam Reports provides exams statistical data, scoring information, and question stats for exam submissions.
    • A quick view of the exam's settings are displayed here as well so that you do not need to edit an exam to review them.

Closed Exams

  1. Adjust Question Scoring – displays the exam questions, possible answers, and the number of students that chose each answer. You also have the option of marking the question as ignored for all exam takers or as correct for all exam takers and can award or subtract points for particular answer options within a single question.
  2. Reopen Exam – reopens a closed exam and allows more students to take the exam. It will also allow students to review and change their previous exam attempts. If the exam is timed, reopening it will also restart the timer for the student's attempt. You should consider utilizing Override Settings to adjust just an individuals time in a re-opened exam.

Once an exam has been released or closed you can go back and change it back to draft mode and make changes. However, reverting back to draft mode will delete all existing student exams and exam attempts. You will be reminded of this upon making the change.