Grading Essay Questions

Essay questions need to be manually graded within Exam Reports. When viewing the exam, a Grade Exams button will be listed within the Completed section if there are Essay questions that need to be graded. Clicking this button will direct you to the Ungraded tab within Exam Reports

Grading Students

By default it will prompt you to grade by Grading Students. When grading by student a list of student attempts will be listed.

  1. Use the Grade button to view and grade their essay questions submission(s).
  2. There is an option to leave feedback for the essay submission as well. This feedback is not displayed to students unless Question Feedback is enabled under the Student Reporting Levels section of the Advanced Settings tab for the exam and the grades for the exam are released.
  3. Click Grade to save your feedback and points for the question. 
  4. Once you've graded all essay submissions for a student their name will no longer be listed and instead their exam submission can be reviewed using the Graded tab.

Grading Questions

If an exam contains more than one essay question, it may be beneficial to use the Grading Questions button to grade by question rather than by student.

This will allow you to grade all submissions to one essay question one after the other by using the Next and Previous buttons to move between essay question submissions.