Exam Troubleshooting

Exam troubleshooting can begin before the exam is delivered in order to help alleviate technical concerns and exam day stress. By planning ahead, some technical issues may be avoided. A few suggestions include:

  1. Consider creating a practice test that is always open, with Lockdown if necessary, prior to examination. This allows students to practice taking an exam and confirm that the Lockdown browser is properly installed. 
  2. Request that students check their internet signal, and perhaps run a Speed Test, prior to each exam to ensure that they have appropriate signal. 
  3. Require reporting of any technical issues by the student to easily align to the exam log.
  4. Alert your students to the existence of exam logs to dissuade cheating and potential technical issues caused by attempts to log into more than one instance of SOLE during an exam.

It may also be beneficial to anticipate that technical issues may occur and adjust settings and course policy accordingly:

  1. Add extra time to the Time Limit to account for anticipated exam technical issues.
  2. Add extra time to account for a technical identification process (i.e. Zoom authentication) which could take time or have issues.
  3. In Lockdown, the Proctor Password should only be given on a per need basis.

Please review more detailed exam troubleshooting for students and instructors as well to learn more about how to troubleshoot during and after any technical issues.