Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab contains optional settings that define delivery options and insert special messages.

    1. Exam Delivery Settings
      • Question Order allows you to decide how the exam and questions are displayed to students. The Question Order will automatically be set to deliver questions randomly but you can choose to set a fixed question order as well.
        • If you choose a fixed question order you can later reorder them once they are added to the exam but it must be in Draft mode to do so. To do this, enter the exam and click Manage Questions. From there click the Order Questions button on the top of your screen and drag and drop your questions into the appropriate order. You can also use this to move questions between sections.
      • Delivery Method allows for exam questions to be delivered in two ways; one question at a time or the whole exam at once.
      • Enable Calculator is a simple calculator that can be enabled on your exam when necessary. The calculator allows for addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, exponential calculations, square/square root, and the trigonometry functions cosine, sine, and tangent.
      • Allow Shared Notes will provide users the opportunity to provide feedback regarding a question in the exam. All notes “shared” are submitted when the exam is “finished”. The instructor may review all shared notes along with the questions from exam reporting.
      • Require LockDown Browser feature adds further exam security by locking students’ browsers during the exam. This means that they will not have access to outside content (other web browsers, windows, or computer files) while taking the exam.

        In order for students to take a secure exam the LockDown browser needs to be installed.

    2. Student Messages - The messages section gives you the option to define specific exam directions for students and to write a completion message to be displayed once students have finished the exam.
    3. Student Reporting Level
      • The Student Reporting Level section allows you to choose reporting criteria. This is the information the user will be allowed to view immediately after completing the exam or on exams that have not been expired. 

        Keep in mind that the more you choose the more the user is able to see. By choosing all of them you give the user the ability to see the exam in its entirety.

      • The following reporting criteria options are available:
        • Show Overall Score
        • Partially Graded Scores
        • Questions
        • Question Point Value
        • Question Title
        • Question Category
        • Question Tags
        • Question Feedback
        • Shared Notes
        • Answers

        By default, the student reporting levels will be displayed with a neutral, orange color. Once either, or both, of the 'Question point value' or 'Answers' options are chosen, the reporting levels will be displayed in red and green, denoting which questions were answered incorrect or correct, respectively.