Creating Exam Sections

After you have created your exam you will be prompted to use the Add Questions button to add questions to the exam. Upon the creation of an exam, a Default Section is created.

Use the Add Section button to create additional sections. You will be required to define the Section Title and have the option of adding a Section Description. 

Each section will display the following buttons:

  1. Add Questions - adds questions to the section.
  2. Delete All Questions - once questions have been added to an exam, this button will become available in order to delete all questions without deleting the section.
  3. Edit Section - edits the title and description of a section. Once questions have been added this is also used to edit the point value of all questions and select the number of questions to use from the section.
  4. Delete Section - deletes the entire section, including any questions it contains. 

Point values for all questions within a section can be set by editing the section and entering a number within the text box. 

Additionally, by default all questions added to exam section are used when the exam is delivered.  However, you can choose to have SOLE randomly select a preset number of questions from the list of questions in this section by entering a number less than the total number of questions in the Number of questions to include text box. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

You can also reorder the exam’s sections but it must be in Draft mode to do so. To do this, click the Order Sections button on the top of the screen and drag and drop your sections into the appropriate order.