Creating Exam Questions

Begin by accessing the Exams Tool. There will be two buttons at the top of the screen that enable you to add questions:

  1. Question Bank - adds, deletes, and manages questions.
  2. Import/Export Questions - import or export questions in plain text format, or other available formats.

To create new questions click Question Bank then click on the green Circle + button on the top left of the screen. There are 6 question types: Multiple Choice, True/False, Essay, Matching, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Select, Ordering, and Hotspot:

    1. When adding a question the HTML editor toolbar, located above the dialog box, contains usual word processing features and buttons that can be used to enter and edit the question text.
      • Note: When copying a question from a Word document it is best to use the 'Paste from Word' button on the tool bar. This will make sure that any formatting is removed and will ensure proper question display during an exam.
    2. To insert an image, use the Image icon on the HTML editor toolbar to open the image dialogue box. The browse button can then be used to upload an image and insert an image or to select a previously uploaded image from the File Manager. Do not paste the image into the question text because it will not display properly.
    3. Use the Title, Category, & Tags tab to add these features to the question for organizational purposes. To add Categories and Tags, click into the text box, type your term, then click the text that populates to save. You can also select previously used tags to re-use them.
    4. The Feedback & Notes tab can be used to add three types of feedback which can be displayed to students upon completion of an exam within an exam's settings:
      1. General Feedback - displays on all questions, regardless of the student got it correct or wrong.
      2. Correct Answer Feedback - displays on questions that the student answered correctly.
      3. Wrong Answer Feedback - displays on questions that the student answered incorrectly.

      Notes can be made about the question itself and are not visible to students at any time.

Once a question is completed use the Save button to save and exit question creation or Save and make another to continue creating questions