Copying Exams

Once questions have been added to an exam, the Copy Exam button may be used to create an exact copy of the exam within the same course. This includes all exam settings and questions added to the exam. This is useful if you'd like to edit an existing exam without removing the current submissions.

To copy an exam from one course to another, the Exam Export and Import features can be utilized. This will create a new copy within the new course, including all exam settings and questions. 

When viewing an exam you wish to copy, click the Export Exam button. This will download a .ebk file which can then be imported into another course.

Then, to import the exam, click to view Exams within a course and click the Import Exam button. Click to choose a file and select the appropriate .ebk file to upload and click Import File. Creating this copy will also add these questions to the exam Question Bank within the course.