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Reviewing/Grading Assignment Submissions

  1. Once an assignment has been created you can view Assignment Submissions and Assignment Details on the assignments homepage:
    • Submitted – number of assignments that contain submissions from users.
    • Remaining – number of users who have yet to submit an entry to the assignment. If you are utilizing Access Controls this number will reflect only those users who have been given access to the assignment.
    • Graded – number of assignment entries that have been graded.
    • There is also a summary of pertinent assignment settings view-able on this page including the assignment mode and release date. If there is an expiration date for the assignment it will be displayed here as well.
    • You can also send out a student reminder by clicking the Send a Reminder button. This will send an email to those users who have not submitted an entry for the assignment.
    • If there are student submissions that include uploaded documents a green Download all files button will be available on the screen. This will download all uploaded files for the Assignment. If there are students that typed their submission into the text field for the assignment, rather than uploading a document, their submissions will not be downloaded using this feature.
  2. Click the green Grade Submissions button, which will take you to the Detailed Grader, when you are ready to begin reviewing and grading the assignment entries.
  3. The Detailed Grader will display assignment entries one user at a time. All assignment entries will be displayed here.
  4. On the top right of the screen you will see the name the user whose submission is currently visible. This is also where you will provide the grade for the assignment entry:Detailed Grader
    • Use the left and right arrows to scroll through users in the course.
    • Click the downward arrow to see a drop down list of users in the course.

      Users that have submitted an entry for the assignment will be highlighted in dark gray, users who have not submitted will be highlighted in light gray, and users whose assignment entries have already been graded will be highlighted in green.

    • Below the user’s name is where you will type in the grade for the assignment. The total points are displayed and you can click the blank space to type in the grade. If the Grading Scale is set to “Scale Grade” for the assignment then there will be a drop down menu that can be used to choose the grade instead. Once you have entered the grade click the green Grade Assignment button.

      For those assignments utilizing a “Points Grade” Grading method, you can hover over the question mark icon to review a list of possible alternative grades for the assignment.

      Once you have entered a grade (even if you have NOT clicked the Grade Assignment button) the student will no longer be able to upload or add anything else to the assignment. This is because adding a grade indicates that grading has begun.

    • Below the grading box, the date and time of the student's submission will be noted. If the assignment allowed for multiple submissions, and a student has made more than one, each will be listed here via a drop down menu denoted by a downward facing arrow. Click the arrow to view each submission and it's associated files. 
    • You can leave Student Grade Feedback about the assignment entry by clicking the thought bubble icon and typing into the “Add a comment for student...” text box. Once you have added your comment click the green Save grade comment button. The comment will be visible to the student once the grades have been released.
    • You may also leave Instructor Feedback for the student in the text box located on the left side of the screen, below their entry. This comment becomes available to the student as soon as you click the green Save Comment button and is not dependent upon grades being released.  
    • Click the pencil icon to add a note for yourself about the assignment. The student will not be able to view this private note. Click the green Save my private note to save your note to the entry.
  5. If there are files that the student has uploaded for the submission they will be listed under “Student files” on the right side of the screen. Click the download icon next to the document title to download the file.
    • If there are multiple student files uploaded you can download them all at once by clicking the “Download current user files” link.
    • You can also upload a document of your own for the student by clicking the “Upload file” link. Files uploaded here will be listed under "Instructor Files" and are immediately available to be downloaded by students. The availability of these files are not continent on the release of grades. 
  6. Submissions that have been uploaded can also be viewed within the browser using SOLE Annotator. Click the document title and it will load onto the screen for you to review.
    • Once the document has been displayed on the screen you can review/grade it from within SOLE. This allows you to leave comments, highlight content, draw, add text, and strikeout sections of text on the document. For more information read more about SOLE Annotator.
    • You can also use the blue buttons to download the original file or the annotated PDF. Click the green button to return to the assignment submission and exit the file view.
    • Once you have graded the submissions and released the grades for the assignment the students will be able to download the annotated version of their submission, as well as download the original submission from within the Assignments tool.
  7. Grades entered through the Detailed Grader are automatically populated in the Gradebook. To edit Gradebook settings from the Detailed Grader click the small Gradebook settings icon.
  8. Next to the settings icon is the Assignment Statistics icon:
    • The overall average score is shown in the yellow circle.
    • The highest percentage grade is shown in the green circle.
    • The lowest percentage grade is shown in the red circle.
    • The grade median and standard deviation, total number of students and number of assignments not graded, and the score distribution can also be found on this page.
    • Click the green Close reports & return to grading button to return to the Detailed Grader.
  9. You may also choose to leave Instructor Feedback pertaining to the entry. This feedback is available from within the assignment itself. You may also leave Grade Feedback which is available from within the Gradebook in addition to the assignment itself. Typically, Grade Feedback is only visible after grades have been released unless you decide otherwise.
  10. When you have finished grading the assignment and you are ready to release the grades to students you can click the green Release Grades button at the top of the screen. Grades can also be released from the Gradebook.
  11. Click the blue Back to assignment button to return to the assignment.